File transfers

Mailing files

We love to receive stuff from you, mp3's, pics or just your news and views on the project. In general email is the easiest way to send us most files. We can accept up to around 20Mb per file/message.  If you have something to send us you should email to In all cases please add a small comment about the content so we know who it's from etc.

That should cover most things however there are some times when email may not be the best solution, for example:

  • Your mailer may not let you send large files.
  • You may have something really huge to send to us (uncompressed wav files can easily be bigger than 20Mb).
  • You just might prefer to not send big files via email.
One solution in these cases is file transfer via a free upload/download server. Luckily these days there are many free file sharing/transfer sites on the web. We've tested a few and found one we like, mostly because it's fast, free and very easy to use: Streamfile

Sending us files with Streamfile

This is really easy to do and is totally free. Go to and fill in the form:

In the example below PJ Pelvis is sending us his super new version of Breaking Down. Note the recipient email address that he's used to make sure the file gets to us. He's typed his name and a little message for us, and he's used the browse button to select the mp3 file from his computer. Now he presses Stream Your File. A few seconds later we get a mail with a link to download the file.

In all cases we'll send you a mail back to let you know that we've received your file