File formats

As you know there are lots of different file formats for storing music data. We should be able to accept more or less any popular format and we are of course thrilled to receive them, however we'd prefer to stick to mp3 format for general website use and wav format files for CD creation.

There are a few things to keep in mind in order to make things simple for everyone:

MP3 files

We use mp3 files for uploading to the Myspace page and we'll also be adding some sort of music player to
  1. We would prefer not to have to resample/downsample/encode or in any way process your recordings.
  2. We assume you'd prefer that too!
  3. Keep your mp3 files to a reasonable size, say 128 to 160 kbps, around 3 to 5mb per file.
  4. Use a good quality mp3 encoder, there are some great free ones out there, like lame
  5. Myspace has per file size limits (6Mb per file?) so files on the Myspace page will/may get resampled by the Myspace system.
  6. If we add a link to your song file here on we'll try our best to keep that copy intact, as you sent it to us.

WAV files

We'll use wav files to make a CD (assuming everyone agrees).
  1. It's generally a bad idea to use compressed audio format files (like mp3, aac etc) to create an audio CD, so we'd prefer it if you could send us good original quality uncompressed format audio files.
  2. As above with mp3, we'd really rather not do anything to your files, we assume you've done all the hard work.
  3. We'll assume that you've mixed your song and that you are happy with the sound.
  4. If you aren't happy with your sound let us know, we aren't experts at all but sometimes a fresh pair of ears on a project can help, especially at the mixing and mastering stages.
  5. If you've recorded and mixed your song using good audio quality settings, like 24bit 96Khz then send us the wav files at 24bit , 96Khz wav files.
  6. If you've recorded at 16bit 44Khz that should be ok too. Anything less will of course work but may not sound as good.
If you have any questions or comments, contact us at this address: